It’s always hard to talk about one’s mental illness. You don’t always get support. Whence you do, nobody tells them or you, that relapses are common like cancer’s in Mental Health.

When the mind goes to the darker place after seeing the sun dawn for long, there comes with it guilt. And, it’s like never before.

You are harder on yourself for not being okay. The process has to kickstart. You feel obliged to get better, not for your sake, but at least for people who’ve always supported you. Or in certain cases, don’t know that this battle ever existed.

It’s the funniest thing with human beings, when it comes to Mental Health, the entire world is on one side and a Mentally Healthy person becomes Sharma Ji’s Beta aka an overachiever.

But, I bet, Sharma’s son too has cried nights, after feeling burned out by all the pressure put on his shoulder.

“How are you?”

“All good.” Always.

When will it be okay to say we’re not okay?

#MentalHealth #OkaytoNotBeOkay #Relapses