Personalized Musings 

There is a romantic in all of us and we crave our stories to be poetic! Get your personal memory, feelings custom written in the form of a poem or a short story for an upcoming occasion!

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₹1000/$15 Onwards

A personal anecdote transformed into a short story including words that are seldom shared while narrating the story. 
This is ideal if you're someone who wants to deeply express what someone means to you. (Up to 1000 words) 


Short Poem 

₹300/$5 Onwards

A poem for your loved one that includes whatever you feel. Usually of 3-4 paragraphs. (100 - 150 words)

Long Poem

₹500/$10 Onwards

A longer poem of around 10 paragraphs for people who have a lot more they want to include in the same poem. (200-400 words)


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